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the incredible night show in the streets of Paris

This September the streets of Paris have a new attraction ...

Meteorite impacts will rock you

Some may remember the stunning impact of a meteorite in Russia, ...

The largest craters on the planet

  Meteorite impacts on the Earth's surface is not ...

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Three Strange and stunning landscapes

There are places in the world, whose appearance makes them seem from another planet to ours, places that cause us a great surprise, sometimes even fear, since they are rare and disturbing; strange landscapes whose sight is a gift, as they are in remote locations and many of them, hardly accessible […]

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The enigma Pink Lake

Auque seem impossible, in the western part of Australia there is a lake whose color is pink in sight; no pinkish, but rose pink, as the Pink Panther, rose as seen from the air looks like a big strawberry gum. His name is Hillier Lake and although known since the early […]

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The amazing glacier Kilimanjaro

It is very difficult to combine the idea of ​​glacier with the image we have of Africa, Nevertheless, in full savanna Tanzania Kilimanjaro rises majestically, a mountain of almost 6.000 meters with three peaks that are three crater of a dormant volcano. Despite being one of the areas […]

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Sister Cities of the World

Town twinning is a concept whereby, two cities in anywhere in the world, share some link, historical, cultural, or otherwise, become "Sister Cities" with the desire to share and exchange cultural ties. The concept emerged in Europe in the mid-twentieth century after the […]

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start Tavurvur volcano eruption in Papua New Guinea captured by a tourist

A tourist boat passing caught the explosion of the volcano in Papua New Guinea Tavurvur The images are stunning and rare to see. Pay attention to the shock wave produced by the eruption.     ver video:

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juzcar the people of the Smurfs

Smurfs few years ago with the multinational Sony to promote his film , ocuurio will not be anything to choose a town and paint everything blue, such as the famous village of Smurfs, the chosen people was a small village of Juzcar Valley Genal in the Serrania de Ronda, […]

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Jellyfish Lake

There is a place in the Pacific Ocean, where you can find a number of jellyfish in the water ... . This place is known as the island of jellyfish and located on the island of Palau. On site there is a lake called Lake Jellyfish, which it is a […]

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Island pigs

in the Bahamas among the hundreds of existing islands there one that leaves visitors with open eyes and one of those uninhabited islands it is full of cerdosm if you have heard that pigs are also well approach a boat to swim like hechan a welcome was asking […]

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5 abandoned amazing places in the world

1. CHRIST OF THE ABYSS, SAN FRUTTUOSO (LIGURIA), ITALY The Christ of the Abyss (Italian en “The Christ of the Abyss”) It was submerged near the beach of San Fruttuoso, on the Italian Riviera, he 22 August 1954 and is a bronze statue weighing about 260 Kg and represents Jesus. The first (original) […]

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the most curious names of Spanish towns

the most curious names of Spanish towns are many curious names of towns in the Spanish geography But within those curious names, some stand out among the rest for its character let's call…We show you the best we can say of the people of Lugo VILLAPENE, words are unnecessary or have received few jokes residents […]

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